Wedding Thank You Notes with Batik Motifs

I rarely do a project such as making thank you notes for a wedding. When a friend told me she’s getting married, I offered her if she would be needing thank you notes for the guests. It was a privilege to create the notes for her wedding, especially if I could use something symbolizing our Indonesian background. I had an idea to use paper with batik motifs as part of the thank you notes. The notes were simple. There were 4 colored cardstock papers for the base of the thank you notes, that I combined with 4 batik motifs. All the notes,from cutting the big cardstock papers and batik papers, also putting them together than stamping the images, were done by hand. The colors of the thank you notes and also the motifs stood out on the tables that were set up with pink and white color scheme. I’m really looking forward to do more of this kind of project in the future.







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Ramadan and Eid Greetings

It is a tradition that I do every year since we live in United States when we celebrate Ramadan, I would prepare some Eid cards to send to my good friends and family. During Ramadan we fast from dawn till dusk. This holy month for Muslims falls in different month and season every year in United States. When I still lived in Indonesia, my best friend and I would go to the biggest book store in Jakarta and tried to find nice Eid cards to give to our closest friends. Back then I didn’t make the Eid cards, but when I started my own family I began creating our Eid cards for our family in Indonesia.

Each year I would create different card designs, from the simple ones using the kids’ photo decorating the cards to paper-cutting pattern adorning the cards.I really enjoy preparing these Eid cards. The best thing is when I the card recipient said that she or he really likes my card. Because I know some people is not accustomed to send or receive an Eid card. For this year Ramadan and Eid celebration afterwards, I created these cards below. This time I used stamping technique to decorate the cards. So far I created two designs and might add more, because I love several varieties. I hope you enjoy my Eid cards and inspired to start sending some snail mails to your friends and family especially to celebrate Ramadan and Eid.





Handmade Postcards with Muhammad Ali’s Quotes

I had two boxes that used to contain some juice pouches and some (liquid) coffee. I re-purposed those boxes into some handmade postcards. The boxes were dissembled and cut into more friendly shape for postcard, which makes the measurement of each postcard different. To cover the part on the postcard which will have some images and some decorations or accents, I used several old envelopes.The inside part of the envelopes have unique motifs and some are very interesting. After the cardboard boxes turned into several rectangular shapes, I covered one side of the board with the motif paper from the envelopes. Next, I colored one or two postcard with the ink stamp. I decorated them with stamped images and ephemera or paper cut-outs. The inspirational words that I chose to write on the postcards were from Muhammad Ali. He had such a beautiful way with words. Actually, I made the postcards while watching  Ali’s funeral procession and memorial service. The service was so touching and moving. I chose Ali’s four quotes and integrated them unto the postcards. I hope this project will inspire you.


The materials:

Old envelopes


Old cardboard boxes


Additional materials: paper cut-outs, ephemera, ink stamps, rubber stamps or clear stamps, scissors, glue and creativity.






Handmade Gift Bag & Petite Note Card

This project was one of the thing I created on a whim. I didn’t really pay attention on how I made the bag, for that matter. Yes, I used a ruler, but I didn’t put an exact numbers or measurement. I simply used the ruler width times two to measure the papers using two pieces motif papers or scrapbook papers with two different motifs on each side for the bag. As soon as I figure out how I made the bag (the exact measurement and what not), I will post another journal to describe it step by step. Meanwhile, the card, was from a piece of motif paper with the dimension of 6 x 6 inches (or 15 x 15 cm). I folded each of the corner and put them on the center of the paper. Then I cut a strip of paper to be put around the folded paper, as decoration. My inspiration for the card was a kimono. Another addition for the gift bag was some strips of paper from several pages of an old book (which is in Japanese) to be put inside the bag. I crunched the strips of papers and arranged them like a nest. The gift bag (with a bag of chocolate) and the card were for the pianist who accompany my son’s violin class.







Card Project with Wonderful Motif from a Tissue Box

Certain tissue boxes have wonderful motifs and I hate to throw away such a beautiful looking box (or motif paper). This is the card project that I’d like to share with you here, which is a card decorated with motifs from a tissue box. I always put aside an empty box of tissue especially if the motif on it is cute or pretty. For this project I cut out the motif which is in the shape of circles. I used just plain white cardstock for the card, then I adhered the circles one on top of another to create some dimension. It is so simple and easy to make, you won’t need a lot of time to prepare it. I cut the motif beforehand and kept it aside. These are the materials you need to make this card:

  • White plain cardstock
  • Empty tissue box with wonderful motif
  • 3D Foam tapes
  • Scissors
  • Glue







Reusing Project: Floral Gift Box

This is another craft project reusing a snack box that I created. My daughter’s best friend was celebrating her birthday a couple of months ago and we gave her presents placed into this box. I reused a snack box to create this lovely floral gift box. The materials that are used in this project are very simple and easy to find:

  • Used snack box
  • Wrapping paper (preferably with 2 different motifs)
  • Blank colored paper for the inside part
  • Ribbon or twill
  • Glue
  • Cutter or scissors
  • Decorations (buttons).

Floral Gift Box

Below, are the step-by-step tutorial how to make this gift box. You need to cut a little bit of the snack box, then fold a part of it to create a flap. When you wrap the box, remember to wrap it really tightly and neatly. Make sure the creases are crisp. After you wrap the outside part of the box, cut a piece of blank paper to make the lining to be put inside of the box. Adhere the ribbon unto the inside part of the box, then cover the two end piece of the ribbon with the same blank paper for the lining. Decorate the box with whatever object you desire. Have fun crafting!

Tutorial 1: gift box

Tutorial 2: gift box

Floral Gift Box

Floral Gift Box

Floral Gift Box

Congrats Card with Musical Theme

As a high school senior at her high school, Yza, my daughter’s friend, is required to finish her capstone project to graduate. Capstone project is the last project for a high school student and since my daughter and her friend go to a high school with art programs, the capstone project that Yza did was based on her program, which was string. My daughter helped Yza on one of her capstone projects. They performed as a quartet, with other friends who were a junior and a senior. I was among the guests who attended Yza’s capstone performance at her school. To congratulate Yza, I created this card with a pair of violins paired with musical note patterned paper, as a symbol of the art form that she’s been studying. I wrote Henry James’s quote on the envelope, which I love the color, by the way. The quote says,”It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance, and I know of no substitute for the force and beauty of its process.” The card has a vintage flair shown on the colors on the violins and the hue on the patterned paper.

Please, enjoy the performance of Yza & friends that I posted below.

(On the video are: Yza, Sophia, Emily (my daughter) and Louis)

Congrats Card with Two Violins

Congrats Card with Two Violins

Congrats Card with Two Violins